September 27, 2023

In a lecture in Spanish, Rabbi Yehoshua Ben-Levi explains that “the homosexual gives freedom to his passions, and lowers himself to the level of an animal” and that “homosexuality is so terrible that it violates the most basic laws of the Ten Commandments.”
Here is a summary of the lecture given in Spanish:
Whoever says Torah does not forbid homosexuality and yet it’s a positive phenomenon in human history, his words are inconsistent with the Torah. One can speak Hebrew, grow up in Jerusalem, and not believe in Gd; To know Midrashim, to know the Jewish culture, and not to know Gd. Even a very knowledgeable person can either walk the path of the Torah or turn his back on it.
One of the things the Torah explicitly forbids is one sin – sexual immorality. The Creator destroyed entire nations, such as the peoples of Canaan, due to sexual immorality. They even degenerated into a human sacrifice.
Where does it appear in the Torah? When Israel worked for the golden calf, the penalty was the death of 3,000 people. But when they sinned against the daughters of Moab, they were punished with the death of 24,000 people. The Midrashim talk a lot about this case which shows that sexual immorality is a very serious sin.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world. why? Because of Sodom’s horrible behavior. The words “demons” and “sodom” are words with a common etymological origin. Sodom’s culture was open homosexuality and it is an act of demons. The Torah likens an act of sodomy to the behavior of a dog – just as the dog chases after its tail, that is, is attracted to itself or its peers. Homosexuality is like going backwards, the result of which is that you do not see the way. I can spend hours quoting about how much the Torah explicitly forbids open and overt homosexuality.
In your four deaths you can sin. When you sin privately, you can ask forgiveness from the Creator. While the synagogue existed, an Israeli who was a sinner could make a sacrifice for his sins and no one needed to know what the sin was about. But when one sins openly, repentance should be overt.
Why is homosexuality so terrible? Because it violates the most basic laws, the Ten Commandments. Gay commits all the most serious sins directly or indirectly.
How does he go about not killing? A man who sleeps with a man, or marries a man, they dedicate their lives to a homosexual lifestyle. In doing so they prevent children from being born, and that is murder.
You will not answer your neighbor to a lie – all those who feel a woman in a man’s body. A homosexual says he is a woman imprisoned in a man’s body, which is a lie.
Do not covet – the man he convinces to be gay he steals from the woman he was supposed to have.
He despises the name of heaven – he actually says that God wanted to make him a man but failed. It is a sin against heaven.
Does not respect his parents – because he does not respect the fact that they created a man. Beyond that, he shames his parents.
Thou shalt not steal – steal the grandchildren from his parents.
I can go on to prove the transgressions of homosexuality on all the Ten Commandments and the commandments.
Whoever says that the Torah does not forbid homosexuality is not only a sinner of things, but testifies to a lack of moral intelligence. They have no call of the Torah to live a holy life. The meaning of holy life is to avoid immorality.
The homosexual gives freedom to his passions, acts like his animal passions, lowers himself to the level of an animal. Living has no moral commandments, but we have a command to overcome. But a homosexual who claims he cannot overcome – he cannot really overcome because he has no ability, but because he has abandoned humanity. Anyone who chooses not to live by the commandments of the Torah abandons humanity because he chooses immorality. An animal cannot be blamed for having sex in public because it cannot help but succumb to its passions, it has no commandments. Man has a light from the Torah that guides him, he can strive to be better, to return to God.

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