September 27, 2023

A secular resident of the Shmuel Hanavi in Jerusalem demonically attempted multiple times to stab the Dushinsky Rebbe with a knife on Shabbos.

The secular entered the Beis Midrash on Friday evening and claimed that some of the chasidim had hit his children. The man threatened the Rebbe with a knife but the chasidim successfully threw him out.

Another attempt to assassinate the Rebbe was when he went to visit another local rabbi who is suffering from health issues. Once again, the chasidim managed to push him away before he could do any damage.

The mad secular returned once again during Seudah Shlishis tried to enter the rebbe’s house during Maariv. In this attack two chasidim were injured but fortunately he couldn’t do any harm to Dushinsky Rebbe.

Police arrested the attacker and took testimony from the chasidim on his actions.

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