December 7, 2023

Gideon Sa’ar and Benny Gantz announced on Sunday, that they will join forces in the next elections with the aim of forming a broad unity government

“Israel is in the midst of its worst crisis of democracy,” Blue and White leader Benny Gantz said. “The tone is set by the extremes as former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu drags his Likud party to hurt the principles of democracy and Israel deserves better.”

Gantz went on to say that in partnership with New Hope‘s Saar, intend to present a centrist government that will solve the crisis, reject racism and unite all Israelis of all faiths.

Saar said he saw Gantz as the leader of the new political home who has proven his modesty and commitment to the interests of Israel and Israelis.

According to the latest polls, a joint run could bring them more than double the votes than if they were each to run separately, bolstering the opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Both party leaders have said they would not join a Netanyahu led government under any circumstances.

Gantz had already experienced Netanyahu’s broken assurances when the former prime minister reneged on his commitments in the coalition agreement signed between the two early in 2020,

Sa’ar a former ally of Netanyahu and a high-ranking member of the Likud party, launched his independent political venture specifically in order to prevent Netanyahu from holding on to power in the 2021 ballot.

The two believe themselves to be the only factions in the parliamentary bloc opposing Netanyahu, who could cooperate with ultra-Orthodox parties, who have been part of Netanyahu’s right-wing and religious block, in forming a future government.

This could position their joint list ahead, to form a cabinet after the elections.

Generally, we do not back specific political parties especially the left wings. But any group or party that is in opposition with Benjamin Netanyahu will have our support.

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