September 27, 2023
Crime minister

‘If we don’t stop him again, it won’t be the democratic and liberal Israel we know today’

The Crime Minister movement on Saturday held its first protests against Israel’s former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in over a year.
Demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv carrying signs that pictured Netanyahu smoking a cigar and accusing him of corruption, referring to the politician’s ongoing graft trials. The protests were sparked by Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich of the Religious Zionist Party announcing last week that they could join Netanyahu’s coalition if he won the upcoming elections scheduled for November 1.
The movement started when the current Opposition Leader was still premier. Protesters showed up outside the prime minister’s residences in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv every Saturday. They are now resuming the protests to oppose the possibility of Netanyahu returning to office.
“Now is the time to wake up and understand that Netanyahu doesn’t have a government without Ben Gvir, and if we don’t stop him again, it won’t be the democratic and liberal Israel we know today,” the Crime Minister group’s statement said.
Netanyahu supporters held a counter-protest at the same location with their posters saying that if the opposition leader doesn’t win the elections it would result in Arab parties gaining more power. Latest polls showed that the bloc led by Israel’s right-wing Likud party is expected to receive the majority of 61 seats in a 120 seat Israeli parliament, the Knesset, allowing Netanyahu to establish a government.
Netanyahu or Arabs, as a matter of fact are the same. Both tend to ruin the country by irresponsibility and unpurposed extremism. If the power fall into the hands of either of them, a new dark era awaits the country and us. Both Netanyahu and Arabs must be stopped from gaining power.

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