December 7, 2023

Rabbi Zamir Cohen, head of the Avnei Nezer yeshiva and director of the Hidabrut channel and institutions, visited Porat Yosef dean Rabbi Shalom Cohen and asked for advice on educating yeshiva students.

Rabbi Shalom Cohen stressed that yeshiva students must attend shacharit prayers in the yeshiva itself, since “yeshiva is not just Torah study it is Torah and fear of Heaven and this is acquired through prayer.

Rabbi Cohen added that “In-depth study (Iyun) should include tractates from Moed such as Sukkah, Shabbat and Pesachim, as this gives the students basic knowledge necessary for daily life.”

Rabbi Cohen added that “if a yeshiva student has an iPhone, he should be removed from the yeshiva, as this is “the root of all the corruption and damage to all the students in the yeshiva, and even the desecration of Shabbat , may G-d spare us from this.”

Rabbi Zamir told Rabbi Shalom Cohen that his yeshiva is growing rapidly, with 350 students requesting to enter the yeshiva but only 56 accepted to the current year. Rabbi Shalom was delighted and said “Happy are we that merit to see the Sephardic Torah world growing, this gives much nachas to Hashem.”

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