September 25, 2023
Women’s Place in Judaism

Shlomo Moshe Amar – Sephardic former Chief Rabbi of Israel – controversial and yet righteous remarks on the women’s place in Judaism has caused a lot of argument to go around between his opponents and supporters.
While some claim what he says is an absolute insult to the female population of Israel and Jews all over the world, others believe that he is conveying the Torah’s message and he cannot be blamed for it.
During his speech Rabbi Amar pointed out a series of topics which you can read here in brief:
“Women always cause corruption among men and society. They are the only cause of human suffering.”, “According to Judaism, women should not be influential in society. Therefore, women should not have the right to vote.”, “Women should not have the right to citizenship. The biggest disadvantage of democracy and elections is that men and women are equal and have equal voting rights.”
“When the sages said in their prayer “God bless you”, they meant that God would give you a son. Blessed those whose children are males, woe to them if their children are females.”

You can listen to Rabbi Shlomo Amar’s complete speech on “the women’s place in Judaism” in the YouTube link below:

Since the Jewish community is still not ready to perceive such debates, many of our great Rabbis find it a very hard to educate people and make them understand.
As we are living in such trying times and facing numerous existential threats our elders better restrain a bit more so as not to provide any alibi for our enemies specially feminists and seculars.

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