September 27, 2023
Jewish Man

An Orthodox Jewish man was stabbed with a pair of scissors in a grisly attack.

Video footage shows the Jewish man casually leaning on a scooter on the sidewalk outside a Kosher meat processing plant. He is dressed in traditional Jewish garb, wearing a white shirt, black pants and Tzitzis above his shirt.

Suddenly the attacker exits onto the sidewalk from a door right next to him. After the attacker carefully looks both ways, presumably to ascertain whether or not anyone is looking, he suddenly lunges toward the Jewish man, and stabs him in what appears to be the face/neck area.

He then lunges toward the victim a second time, but seems to change his mind at the last moment.

According to reports, the attacker is a Lebanese immigrant who was recently employed by the meat processing plant.

The victim is reported to be in stable condition and the attacker has been arrested.

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