September 27, 2023
Lapid's secret trips to Paris

Lapid's secret trips to Paris

In a tweet posted on October 3, 2022, Yair Netanyahu, journalist and son of the former Israeli prime minister, called for the opening of a precise and transparent investigation on the multiple Lapid’s secret trips to Paris .

In addition, regarding to Lapid’s secret trips to Paris Yair Netanyahu has already retweeted a photo with the caption:

“a picture is worth a thousand words”.

An article published on August 24, 2022 on “” also touched on French interests in the Middle East. Indeed, he speaks of the former Director General for External Security (DGSE) of French, Bernard Bajolet, who spoke during a conference at the Defense Summer University on July 26 in Saint -Malo, on the influence of France in the Middle East.
Apart from the hope of France to regain the lost influence in Lebanon after the explosion of August 4, 2020, which blew up the port of Beirut, Bernard Bajolet revealed, in the academic environment, hyper intimate relations of the Hexagon with Yair Lapid going way back in time. This relationship has reached such a point that in 2018, Lapid’s secret trips to Paris a few days before the Israeli elections, he is visiting France to receive final advice from Paris. The DGSE also indicated that France considers Prime Minister “Yair Lapid” as its intellectual representative in “Israel”, as well as on the international political scene and that the presence of a moderate leader at the head of Israel is the result many years of their efforts to give world peace a better chance.

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