September 27, 2023

November 2, 2022, a few hours after the announcement of the Israel’s future government election results.

Itamar Ben-Gvir along with his fellow party members appeared at the headquarters of the Otzma Yehudit in Jerusalem,

Ben-Gvir explained a part of the political manifesto of the alliance with Netanyahu.

Here’s a brief part of Ben-Gvir’s speech on Israel’s future government :

Now is the time for a true theocratic government to hold the power. It’s time we establish a home for ourselves in our country.

This election portrayed the real Jewish power and Zionism. Voters in Jerusalem played a key role in this victory. I promise that we’ll take our country back from the incompetents.

Insulting the tefillin in the election campaigns was the most painful incident. We will no longer allow anyone to insult our sanctities and Jewish identity. They must know that there will be no more smiles on their faces.

According to the Torah, a Jewish family consists of parents – which is father and mother, and this will be our main criterion for controlling the society.

We competed for the sake of our beliefs and ideas and won, and people have clearly upheld our values. Our country shall be cleansed of all the filth.

Israel’s future government needs to be powerful. Seculars stabbed the country in the back, embraced Arabs and supporters of terrorists, they desecrated everything sacred to Judaism.

Israel’s future government
Head of the Otzma Yehudit party Itamar Ben Gvir speaks to supporters as the results of the exit polls for the Israeli elections are announced, at the party’s campaign headquarters

I and all my colleagues love the people, the Torah and our country. Israel will only have one government. We will expel disloyal Arabs from our country.

We will bring the Arabs to the conclusion that emigrating from Israel would be beneficial to them and their children.

No one would be killed for being a Jew in Israel any more. Gentiles must recognize our ownership to all of Israel.

Muslim Arabs will no longer participate in Israeli elections. We will enact this as an official law.

Future Israeli government will control and manage the Temple Mount based on the Jewish laws.

We must reclaim the areas dominated by Muslim over the Temple Mount. Jerusalem belongs entirely to the Jews.

Gentiles must leave Jerusalem. The fulfillment of this necessary promise is nonnegotiable, and this necessity would be accomplished at any cost.

The freedom of prayer and worship on the Temple Mount is the absolute right of the Jews.

Personal security must be provided for all Jews. Gentiles have no right to threaten the life of a Jew in our land. I will not betray my supporters.

Netanyahu must adhere to all his commitments at the beginning of the formation of the cabinet, any void promises is unacceptable.

In this election, voters clearly reiterated their love for Zion, their commitment to the Jewish people’s mission, and their passion for the ongoing saga of Israel as a guiding light to all the nations.

All countries must accept the era of Religious Zionism. This is the basis of our political relations with other countries.

We respect normalization with Arab countries and we will seek to expand its circle. These relations should be within the framework of Israel’s authority and at the Jewish people’s service.

Any commitment that violates the principle of a theocratic government is void. The Arab rulers must accept the absolute sovereignty of the Jews; the chosen nation in the Bible, over Israel.

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