September 27, 2023

The stipends that are given to Orthodox men studying will be raised to $380 instead of the current $205.

The head of the right-wing Likud party Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly formed a deal with the ultra-Orthodox parties on Friday to raise the stipends given to students of Jewish theology schools known as yeshivas.

Netanyahu will receive the mandate to form a coalition from President Isaac Herzog and will most likely include ultra-Orthodox parties United Torah Judaism and Shas in his coalition.

the stipends given to Orthodox men who spend their days studying will be raised to $380 instead of the current $205. This would cost the Israeli taxpayers an additional $439 million.

The Shas and United Torah Judaism pushed for the raise with support from the far-right Religious Zionism party. However, they will probably be rebuffed by the High Court of Justice, which has objected to granting stipends solely for the ultra-Orthodox.

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