September 25, 2023

An estimated 97% of the 194 antisemitic hate crimes documented were carried out by people belonging to other minority groups.

Most antisemitic hate crimes against Jewish people in New York City were targeted at Orthodox or Hasidic Jews and were perpetuated by people from other minority groups, a new report has found.

The report was published by Americans Against Antisemitism and documents antisemitic crimes in New York City between April 2018 and August 2022.

Overall, 194 cases were recorded in those four years, with 154 being physical assaults and the other 40 verbal. 22% of crimes were committed by teenagers and 23% were committed by a group of two or more people.

An estimated 97% of the 194 hate crimes documented were carried out by people belonging to other minority groups. Furthermore, 94% of victims in antisemitic incidences in those four years were Orthodox or Hasidic Jews, the report stated.

Of those targeted, 52% identified as Hasidic Jews and a further 42% as Orthodox Jews. 4% identified as secular and another 2% as Modern-Orthodox. A further 0.5% identified as Reform and finally, 0.5% were Israelis who did not list a denomination.

Where did these incidences occur?

151 of all assaults occurred in just four Brooklyn neighborhoods – in Flatbush-Midwood, Crown Heights, Boro Park-Kensington and Williamsburg.

All the aforementioned neighborhoods are home to large and identifiable Jewish communities.

The identities of perpetrators were documented in 99 different attacks. According to the report, 65% of perpetrators were Black, 16% Asian, 10% Hispanic and 3% were White.

Of all 194 cases, there were only two occurrences where the attacker was convicted and sentenced to prison.

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