September 27, 2023

Rabbi Chaim Druckman's disciples strongly condemned the insult to their leader and teacher

On the sidelines of LGBT demonstration on Thursday afternoon on the Ayalon Highway, a group of protesters committed an inhuman act.

Burning the image of Rabbi Haim Meir Druckman, the late religious Zionist rabbi, is against religion, morality and humanity.
His students at Yeshivat Or Etzion strongly condemn this insult to their leader and teacher.
According to the Prohibition of Defamation Law, 1965, the police and the court are obliged to arrest and punish the perpetrators of this shameful act.
His life’s candle went out, but he managed to light a great deal of candles which are his students. It is the greatest ungratefulness, that a group of people burned his picture and insulted him. This act will never be forgiven nor forgotten.

Thou shalt not revile God, nor curse a ruler of thy people. (Exodus 22:27)

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