September 26, 2023

About Us

The Jewish Guardians of Torah Movement is committed to restoring Jewish pride and perfection, reviving values and sense of justice to the Jewish people.
We can never stand idly by while Jewish blood is spilled. We will never be silent.
One of the goals of the Jewish Guardians of Torah Movement is to confront and fight anti-Semitism. Today, Jews in all cities fall victim to Gentiles. Jews have every right to defend themselves in any situation.
We always knew that our battle against anti-Semitism was an uphill fight. The time has come for all jews to know and understand that they, their children and their grandchildren have become the main targets to be “wiped off the face of this earth.” Today we are in a much grander scale of annihilation than what the Nazi’s proposed.
The primary issue is to bring youth back into Judaism. Young people need to be motivated to return to Judaism and be trained how to defend themselves.
Secularists, feminists, lesbians, bisexuals, homosexuals, …. are now a days the scourge of the Judaism. This scourge will destroy all Jewish ideals among our peers. Confronting them is more important than fighting the global anti-Semitism threat.
The current issues we are dealing with:
– Worldwide victimization of Jews and worldwide increase of anti-Israel rhetoric.
– Inadequate Jewish leadership response to anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric.
– We have all been witness to anti-Israel/Jewish protests. The vitriolic hatred is shocking.
– Secularists and LGBT Growth in Israeli society and their increasing participation in the Israeli government and army.
We will act openly and in any possible way to resolve these issues and respond effectively to these threats whenever and wherever necessary. Cleansing the Jewish people from within and repelling foreign threats is the main strategy of our movement. We will never be silent and stand idle.